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Research Themes

The core competencies of the group are polymer chemistry of heteropolymers and analysis of polymer structure and morphology. The projects in our group are frequently vertically integrated on practical and conceptual tools that we developed. We are always eager to collaborate because we believe in furthering a cooperative and constructive culture of science.

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New polymer materials


Heteropolymer synthesis, structure, and properties for health and sustainability

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Polymer electrolytes and membranes

We develop the synthesis of new polymer materials. This involves both traditional and new polymerization methodology.

We leverage our expertise to create new polymers and copolymers, as well as deep dive into copolymer structure, all with an eye to further the application of polymers to heath and sustainability.

We investigate fundamental structure-property relationships for ion transport in polymer electrolytes, and develop new materials for control of transport properties for water purification, ion capture or gas separations.

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